9 Small Exotic Animals You Can Own As Pets

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Many people love to have small exotic animals as pets. And it can be a lot of fun and good for the kids.
Sometimes having the same old pet just isn’t good enough. Why adopt a pet everyone has when you can get something otherworldly exotic and just plain weird. The word “exotic” can mean different things to different people. To some, exotic simply means unusual.

If that is your meaning, then almost any pet you buy from a pet store might qualify as exotic. A rabbit, for example, is exotic to most people. But some people use the word “exotic” to mean not found in the wild in the United States. This is a more exacting definition of the word. A rabbit is exotic, but an African lion is not, because lions are found in the wild in Africa.
Let’s dive in for a look at 9 small exotic animals you can own as pets.

List OF Small Exotic Animals To Own As Pets?

1: Sugar Gliders

A sugar glider pet is an excellent choice for somebody looking for a small animal companion.
“Although sugar gliders make for a great pet, and are insanely cute, they look similar to a hamster and cannot fly, only glide.”
Sugar gliders are marsupials that are native to Australia. Sugar gliders are often confused with flying squirrels because of their similar appearance, but sugar gliders are actually not capable of flight.
When sugar gliders are born, they have a very thin membrane called a patagium that stretches from the forearms to the hind legs. The patagium is what allows them to glide through the air. In many countries, the average price of a sugar glider is ($400) four hundred dollars.

2: Finger Monkey (Pygmy Marmoset)

These cute animals are called pygmy marmosets, but they are more commonly referred to as finger monkeys. They are only six inches, which means they can sit on your finger. 

Mainly found in the wild or zoos after all, if not trained. They are very hard to spot in the wild because they’re masters of camouflage, blending in with the forest floor and tree bark. Many people buy pygmy marmosets as pets because they are gentle and friendly. Unfortunately, pygmy marmosets are very sensitive and need special care to live a long and healthy life. Finger monkeys are very social creatures, which is why many people get more than one as a pet. Otherwise, they can get lonely and unhappy.

Pygmy marmosets should not be kept as pets if you don’t have the knowledge and experience to take care of them properly. They need a special diet and must be hand-fed every three hours. They also require a lot of attention and socialization, so they can get along with other animals and people. Finger monkeys are rare and exotic and that’s why their price range is 1,500 USD to 4000 USD. 

3: The Tiny Terrier

Okay, so having a dog! Isn’t that exotic, but what about a dog the size of a can of coke pretty crazy, right? The tiny terrier is a low-maintenance pet. They need minimal exercise and can live in an apartment or small house.

It is important to make sure the owner has enough time to dedicate to this dog, as they are very energetic and curious. Tiny terriers require a lot of attention and care, but they will always be happy to give back love.

The tiny terrier is a great pet for someone, who is energetic and active. These dogs are also great for people who like to be outdoors because they will run with you, and they are small enough to be taken anywhere. The tiny terrier is not recommended for people who want a dog that is easy to keep, or lazy in the house.

4: Pygmy Jerboa

It is one of the exotic animals that are legal to own in New Jersey. Pygmy jerboa lives up to 10 years and makes a good pet due to its friendly nature. Pygmy Jerboa is small, nocturnal, and live in desert climates. This makes them great pets for people who live in these climates. These mini rodents are native to Africa but are kept as pets all over the world.

Many say: they’re like a hybrid between a gerbil and a kangaroo. They Look like tiny balls of fur with eyes. These pets can be complicated to care for they are most popular in countries such as Japan and South Korea because these cute animals are very exotic and have to be imported they can normally cost over ($1000) one thousand dollars.

5: Honduran White Bat

Bats are normally seen as scary animals, but these very cute, tiny, bats from Honduras, can be kept as pets. Unlike any other, bat, Honduran white bats, have white fur they also have a yellow, nose and ears.

These can be owned as pets, but most people find it too complex to care for them. They don’t need lots of space but their environment does have to be the same as it is in the wild, they also eat a very rare fig found in rainforests.

These are quite hard to, collect, meaning that it would be very expensive to feed these. But if you have the means and really love these animals, then maybe it’s worth it.

6: Fennec Fox

small exotic animals

Fennec Foxes are a domesticated breed of pet that you can find at your local pet store. They are a member of the canine family and are widely known for their smaller stature. They make excellent pets for those who live in apartments as they are not very loud and can be easily groomed. They are an excellent choice for those who love dogs but don’t have a lot of space or time to devote to them.

These foxes are native to Africa but are housed as pets in many countries around the world. A fully grown fennec fox only weighs 4 pounds. Some say the fennec fox is a cuter alternative to any cat.
The Price range is between $2000 to $ 2500.

They are legal to own in almost any country and live for 15 years or more fennec foxes also do not have a musk gland this means that, unlike regular foxes, they donut smell bad at all. Just make sure these playful animals have enough room to run around.

7: Red Panda

keeping a normal panda as a pet is pretty, much impossible, but don’t despair If you want a panda as a pet. Adorable and a little clumsy, the Red Panda is a cute animal that would make a good pet. They have thick red fur and a small face with small ears and a short, fluffy tail. The Red Panda is a good pet for people who live in cooler climates as they cannot handle the heat. Their diet consists of bamboo, which is easily found in forests or at zoos.

Red pandas are much, cuter and smaller than normal pandas they’re actually, not very biologically similar to pandas some, say they’re more like bears or raccoons and others say they are their very own species. Their fur looks amazing and beautiful. And they love roaming around in the snowy, environment.

8: Baby Tiger

We’ve all seen celebrities who have pet tigers, for example, mike Tyson famously wrestled with his pet tiger. Fully grown tigers can be rather scary and expensive to house as pets, but baby tigers are much easier to care for and are also much cuter.

Most tigers in the USA are actually kept as pets, not in the wild or zoos, at first baby tigers, only drink milk, but when they get older they will start to eat hundreds of dollars of meat per day. That’s why many people give their baby tigers to zoos as they get older.
But if you have the means and also the space, then they make great pets even as adults, many rich people in Dubai and Saudi Arabia keep tigers as pets. If they are raised around humans as kids, then they are not threatening to humans when they’re adults.

A baby tiger is less likely to be aggressive than an adult tiger, so it is best to get one of these animals if you want to have one as a pet. A baby tiger is also going to be a lot more affordable than an adult one. Tigers can make wonderful pets, but they should only be purchased by people who have the resources and the space to provide a good home for these animals.

Tigers can grow to be quite large and they need a lot of care and attention, so if you want to get one of these animals as a pet, it’s best to prepare yourself before buying or adopting a tiger.

9: Slow Loris

Slow Loris is similar to sloths but, are much cuter and make for better pets, they are famous for the gigantic eyes they have because they are nocturnal. This means that if you want to spend time with them, then you better be Night Owl, that’s because these animals are awake at night and sleep in the day.

Loris’s are originally from the Indian and Indonesian region and usually come in shades of brown or gray. The Slow Loris is an endangered species and needs a lot of attention. They are not usually cuddly pets, but they need love and care just like any other animal.
They are most popular as pets, Russia and Japan, but they are very expensive costing around 18 thousand dollars.

Thanks for reading and now it’s time to make your voice heard, comment down below, which of these small exotic animals would you like to have as a pet?

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Small Exotic Animals To Own As Pets

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