Which Dog Breed is Better? | Cane Corso vs Doberman vs Rottweiler

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Cane Corso, Doberman and Rottweiler Dog Breed Comparison and Information

There are many different dog breeds out there, each with their own unique set of characteristics. Some people might be wondering which dog breed is better – the Cane Corso, the Doberman, or the Rottweiler? In this article, I’m going to be covering similarities and differences between the three dogs.

 Of course, each dog is different and the breed standards are just guidelines of how most dogs within a breed look and behave. You should talk to your breeder or shelter about what the individual dog is like to better fit your lifestyle.

Cane Corso Which Dog Breed is Better
Cane Corso Italiano

Similarities Between Cane Corso vs Doberman vs Rottweiler

all three will be great family pets. They’re all fearless, intelligent, and obedient. They’re all descendants from Molossus which is the Greek dog.

They’re from the working dog group category. They are Protection/Guard Dogs: 

All three have a very high prey drive. All three have a low stranger friendliness. They all have high dominance, obedience training is crucial in these three dog breeds since they all tend to exhibit alpha dominating tendencies. Socialization at an early age is crucial. They’re all eager to please you. 

These three breeds are not suitable for first-time dog owners but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have these as your first dog, you just have to know what you’re getting yourself into and learn to become better. Since they’re large breeds, they each have similar health concerns such as hips, joints, ligaments, muscles, eye diseases, allergy-prone, and the potential for obesity. 

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Now Let’s Get Into The Differences of These Dog Breeds.

Looks and Lifespan. 

So the average lifespan for a Cane Corso is 9 to 12 years, for a Doberman, it’s a little bit longer 10 to 12 years, and Rottweiler being the last of those two 9 to 10 years. On average, the average size for a Cane Corso is 25 to 27 and a half inches, for a Doberman is 24 to 28 inches, and Rottweiler is 24 to 27 inches

These Are All Males. 

The average weight for a Corso can be between 100 to 150 pounds, for a Doberman is 88 to 99, and Rottweiler 95 to 135 pounds and these are all for males.

And for the colors, in a Cane Corso, you will typically see black, gray, brown, red, brindle, and mask face. For a Doberman, you will typically see black and rust, red and rust, blue and rust, fawn and rust, all black, white, and albino. And then for Rottweiler is black and tan markings

Now Let’s Get Into Their Coat And Grooming.  

For grooming a Cane Corso it is low maintenance, a Doberman also low maintenance, and a Rottweiler low to moderate maintenance.

When it comes to shedding, Cane Corso’s they occasionally shed, Dobermans moderately sheds so that means weekly cleanup, and a Rottweiler also moderately sheds. And then as far as coats go for Cane Corso they have short coats, a Doberman has also a short coat, and Rottweilers have a medium-length to dense coat.

doberman Dog Breed Comparison

Temperament And Behavior. 

When it comes to being affectionate towards family kinds Cane Corso are moderate, Dobermans are high, and Rottweilers are also high affectionate towards families. Child friendliness Cane Corsos are low to moderate, they are pretty big so they tend to knock over kids, and they can be protective if the play is getting too rough, for Dobermans they have a high child-friendliness score, and of course, being a large breed, they can knock over a child, and for Rottweilers, they score very high.

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Early Socialization Is Important. 

They are also a large breed and can knock over children but they are gentle and fun towards children who can also not like rough play. Friendliness towards other dogs, a Cane Corso scores low to moderate, they do tend to exhibit same-s*e*x aggression, with socialization you can minimize this, for Doberman they are moderate and also same-s*e*x aggression, and for Rottweiler, they are also moderate with same-s*e*x aggression.

Exercise And Training Requirements. 

The energy level of a Cane Corso is high, a Doberman is also high, and Rottweilers moderate to high.

Exercise needs for a Cane Corso is high with a daily allowance of one to two hours of exercise, the Doberman’s exercise needs are very high. They’re a very active breed with an exercise duration of two-plus hours a day, and for Rottweilers, exercise needs are moderate to high, with an exercise duration of one to two hours. The owner activity level for a Cane Corso is moderate to high, for Doberman it’s high activity level, and for Rottweiler owners activity levels is moderately needed. 

Adaptability and Suitable Living Environment. 

So how suitable are these three breeds for a single-person household for Cane Corso it is moderate to high they do like single-family homes as long as their exercises are being met, for Doberman it is also moderate to high, and of course, they are good with children, if they are raised with them, and then for a Rottweiler, it is low to moderate, they do prefer a multi-family home.

Which of The Three Breeds is suitable for a Multi-Family House?

For Cane Corso it is moderate but they do need the space for alone time, for a Doberman it is also moderate they do tend to bond with one person, and for Rottweilers it is high they love multi-family homes but they also need the space for alone time. 

What’s the Tolerance of These Three Dog Breeds for Being Alone? 

A Cane Corso is moderate but they can be destructive if left for too long, for Doberman, it is low to moderate also can be destructive if left alone for too long, and for a Rottweiler, they do not tolerate being alone they are very destructive they are more prone to separation anxiety and would need a second dog or companion. 

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How About Indoor Living?

For Cane Corso indoor living is not ideal, they are too large for apartment living and they need a lot of space, for a Doberman they could tolerate apartment living of course with adequate exercise, and also Rottweilers can tolerate apartment living with adequate exercise.  

What Are the Health Concerns Difference Between These Three Breeds? 

rottweiler Breed Comparison

The only difference would be between the Cane Corso and the Doberman they exhibit slightly different health concerns such as neurological concerns in Cane Corso’s is epilepsy and in Dobermans it is narcolepsy.

But a similar health concern that both of those breeds exhibit is ear cropped infections, if they have cropped ears but obviously for Rottweilers their ears are not cropped so they’re not gonna show that kind of concern. 

So Which Breed Is Better?

Well, it depends on your needs and lifestyle. Are you a full-time worker, do you have an active lifestyle or is it sedentary, do you dislike shedding, do you have kids, are you single? All of these play a huge role in which breed is right for you and like I said in the beginning it’s best to talk to the person that is handling the dogs or the puppies because they know each individual’s personality and they can find one that better suits your needs.

Now, what do I personally think is my favorite dog breed? I mean you can’t ask me which one I like best it’s like asking who your favorite child is.

I like them each in their ways. So that covers mostly everything in this article. I hope you enjoyed it. So if you enjoyed this article hit the share button. 

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