Five Things You Should Never Do to Your Shih Tzu Dog

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If you own a Shih Tzu dog, then you will surely know that they love to play and have fun. The Shih Tzu’s name means little lion which they are most certainly not, but might be confused for because of their big fluffy mane. It’s a toy breed that is all about cuddles, not hunting. They are excellent house dogs who enjoy following their humans around the house and getting them to play with them.

They’ve been around for a long time since ancient times, finding themselves on the laps of various people, including emperors. As a Shih Tzu owner, there are some things you must not do to ensure you get the best outcome, and in this article, we will talk about 5 things you should never do to your Shih Tzu.

Things You Should Never Do to Your Shih Tzu Dog

1: Never Leave them Without Grooming.

Shih Tzus need their coat to look great, so you need to care for it every day.

Some Shih Tzus enjoy the extra attention that comes with this, especially when they get loads of praise for looking amazing.

Some will try to run away if you approach them with a brush. To avoid having to groom that much, try brushing their bangs back over their eyes and giving them shorter hair to avoid shielding their eyes. The Shih Tzu coat needs to be brushed and combed daily to avoid tangles. Baths are recommended once a week or so.

Many people indeed prefer Shih Tzu with short fur coats. It is easier to brush them for someone who has less time on their hands, but there are some trade-offs.

Regular grooming sessions are important to maintain the quality of their coat while trimming it will remove some of their beauty.

2: Never Pamper Your Shih Tzu.

Pampering your Shih Tzu can be disastrous. You’ll find that Shih Tzus are very sweet-natured, but they can be quite stubborn for their size. Some Shih Tzus also become manipulative with age. As the leader of the pack, it’s up to you to be absolutely consistent about what you mean. Giving in to their demands and acting inconsistently will only result in a spoilt dog who doesn’t listen when you say no.

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3: Never Leave them Without Regular Health Checks.

Most owners neglect to take their Shih Tzu to the vet for regular health checks. It is important to know that although Shih Tzus are generally healthy, they’re prone to certain conditions and diseases. Common problems among Shih Tzus include hip dysplasia, eye anomalies, and patellar luxation.

Vision disorders can lead to serious damage such as keratitis, a cornea inflammation that can cause a corneal ulcer and blindness; progressive retinal atrophy, a degenerative disease that will eventually cause blindness; and dry eye, dryness of the cornea.

Regardless of how healthy your Shih Tzu seems to be when you bring them home, regular health checks will help you identify conditions quickly, so the appropriate actions can be taken on time.

Shih Tzu Dog Breed

4: Never Leave them Without Exercise.

Although the size of the Shih Tzu makes it require less outdoor activity and exercise, occasional exercise will help keep them active and busy.

To maintain their mental stability, you’ll want to make sure they always have a toy they can play with at their disposal.

These dogs like short walks, but don’t stress if that’s not possible on a daily basis. They’re very active and won’t need to exercise every day due to their size. On the other hand, they’re great for agility competitions. This will help maintain their joints and tone their muscles through exercise.

The exercise will also strengthen their respiratory and circulatory system, improve digestion and help them sleep.

5: Never Feed them Low-Quality Food.

Small dogs, such as the Shih Tzu, need proper nutrition to maintain their energy levels. Food that has sufficient nutrition is perfect for your pets.

If you’re feeding them poor quality foods, they will not only be detrimental to their health but can even cause serious problems. It’s important that the diets of dogs and cats are not compromised in any way, especially by poor-quality food. The best quality dog food is formulated for the specific needs of your pet.

 Puppies’ nutritional needs depend on their size, age, and metabolism. Make sure that you are buying the highest quality dog food available.

If you have a dog, they may need snacks to go with their regular kibble, but if you buy expensive, nutritious food it will last longer. The bottom line is, that owning a Shih Tzu dog can be a tough job. They need to have some pricey needs taken care of as well as be handled in some troublesome situations. As an owner, you must take care of those things & ensure that the dog has been cared for if something happens. A comfortable environment and nutritious food are also important for your Shih Tzu dog.

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Although it can be tough, it is always worth it in the end.

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Things that Shih Tzu Dog Hates.

Here, we will talk about 5 things Shih Tzu dog hates. If you have a Shih Tzu, you would have noticed your dog hates all or some of the things on this list. If you’re thinking about adopting a Shih Tzu dog, this list should give you an idea of what to expect.

 1: They Hate Being Bored

Yes, there are plenty of lazy dogs but Shih Tzus are generally more active. Most don’t like to lay around all day on the couch so they need a good amount of attention. Shih Tzus care a lot about human attention, just like we do care about theirs. So make sure to show them, love, because they will always be around and want to be a part of everything you do.

 When you do not interact with your pets often, they will turn destructive. They will explore and find ways to burn off their pent-up energy.

This may mean that they start chewing on things like your shoes and furniture, or become uncontrollable and start barking or being noisy in general. They may even go so far as to go potty inside your home.

2: They Hate Tension in the House

Though a Shih Tzu’s intentions will usually be to offer comfort during long anxious periods, if there is a tumultuous atmosphere happening daily, the excitement can eventually become tiring and as days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, these dogs can start feeling just as stressed.

They can’t really grasp what is going on, but they sense that something is wrong from your confused or upset reactions. Dogss are intelligent animals; they’ll typically know if something is going on or something bad has happened to someone you know. So it’s not a surprise that dogs can sense when there’s a negative change in someone’s mood. The stronger the bond, the more closely a dog picks up on its human feelings.

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 This is most prominent in dogs who have a close relationship with their owners.

Shih Tzu Big Eye Dog Breeds

3: They Hate Constant Attention

Shih Tzus are energetic, but enjoy their own time & space from time to time. Too much human contact can overwhelm them, so it’s best to let them have some downtime for themselves. They may show their displeasure with this arrangement if not given enough alone time.

 When playing with your pet, try to keep it exciting but also make sure that you let the dog have plenty of rest time.

Try not to force them to do something that they don’t want to do.

4: Shih Tzu Dog Hate Loud Noises

A fear of loud noises is something that many dogs have, and it can cross all breeds including the smallest to the biggest. For example, when a Shih Tzu dog is afraid of thunder and lightning, it’s partly due to the loud clap sound.

Fireworks can also be scary for dogs with hypersensitive hearing that are different from humans. The loud, echoing ‘booms’ can be very intense and hard to make sense of when you’re a dog. Some may be afraid of household noises, like the vacuum cleaner or dishwasher.

Others may be wary of walking surfaces like pavement and grass which they don’t often experience in their adoptive homes. This kind of unfamiliarity is common in rescue & adopted dogs and isn’t surprising considering they never have a chance to grow accustomed to these sounds.

 Veterinarians may sometimes prescribe tranquilizers for dogs that panic at loud noises, but usually there isn’t enough time to give it to them beforehand. If you live in an area that is susceptible to storms like this, though, it is useful to have a plan for what you and your pets need to do during an approaching storm.

5: They Hate Being Petted

Frequently While Shih Tzus love being pet or scratched, they also enjoy their alone time. If your dog seems annoyed when you try to touch it, be sure to give them some space.

 Many dog owners believe that hugging their pets is one of the best ways to show love. You need to understand that hugging is not how you show love & affection in a dog’s world. Sure, your dog may enjoy petting from time to time; but on the whole, he is just tolerating it. He’s not really a hugger. In fact, in his mind, this may come off as a type of attack.

 The bottom line is, It’s a good idea to learn some of the things Shih Tzus hates, before committing to this wonderful breed.

Overall, Shih Tzus typically have a lot of needs and do best with owners who are willing to dedicate time and patience. So, do you own a Shih Tzu dog? What do they hate? Please comment below.

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