10 Most Friendly Cats That Are Good With Dogs

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If you love dogs and want to find a cat that is also a dog lover, you need to be aware of the differences between these two furry friends. Cats are known for being one of the best pets to have around. After all, they’re loving and loyal, and they’re usually pretty entertaining when you need a little entertainment. However, despite their cuteness and friendliest personalities, there are some of them who have a problem with dogs. So, here are a few of the best cats that are good with dogs.

Friendly Cats That Are Good With Dogs

10 Best Cute Cats That Are Good With Dogs

#1: Siberian Cat

Siberians are certainly friendly cats, but they’re also known to have an adventurer’s spirit within them. Often playful and happy to explore, they usually won’t mind making friends with a dog.

Siberians get along well with humans, other cats, dogs. These cats enjoy spending time with their families, and they make for excellent pets due to their calmness and good behavior.

Siberian Cat Most Friendly Cats That Are Good With Dogs
Siberian Cat

How to make your Siberian cat happy?

Siberians love learning new tricks and are delighted when you include them in games, whether with people or other animals.

Interesting facts you might not have known:

  • Siberians are often thought to have a personality more akin to that of a dog, rather than a cat. 
  • Siberians are well known for their sensitivity.
  • Siberian adore water.

#2: The Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese cats love to be active and playful and want to be included in the fun activities of their family. Their friendly, open-minded approach means they are well-suited to families with children, other cats, or even dogs that would be open to having a feline friend. Tonks are great cats for any household willing to provide them with: love, play, attention.

Tonkinese Cat
Male Tonkinese Cat

How to keep them happy if you’re stuck working all day long?

If you’re unable to dedicate a lot of time, getting another cat or dog they can hang out with should work a treat. If she has a friend to rely on who’ll keep her company when you’re not around, your Tonk will be very grateful to you.

Are there any problems with Tonkinese cats?

“Problem” is an unfamiliar word to these beauties! They’re as playful as a retriever and quickly pick up new tricks.

They also enjoy getting attention from children who treat them well and with respect. The Tonkinese will live peacefully with all cats and dogs who respect her authority.

#3: The Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are yet another playful breed and love to soak up everything happening around them. These lovely cats are typically known as one of the most dog-friendly breeds, considering they sometimes get along better with dogs than with fellow cats.

Norwegian Forest Cat - Cats That Are Good With Dogs
Norwegian Forest Cat

Is this Norwegian beauty the right cat for you?

These cats are an excellent choice for anyone who has enough time to dedicate to them. The Norwegian Forest Cat needs a great deal of time to fully mature.

It will feel like you’re spending your time with a playful little kitten much longer than with most other cat breeds. Their playful antics mean they love being challenged by various kinds of games.

Are they afraid of heights?

Heights are tailor-made for the Norwegian Forest Cat! She is a smart, independent cat who learns quickly and has a watchful nature.

And taking their love of games into account, you should be prepared for frequent scenes of your Norwegian sitting atop the highest points in your home.

#4: The Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are everyone’s best friends! They adore their families, children included, and get along swimmingly with other pets, especially dogs.

Ragdoll Domestic Cat
Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls have good manners, and living with them is a joy. You can often find them on your bed or couch, but they are generally not very interested in climbing much higher. They prefer being on the same level as the people around them. And although people often describe them as obedient cats, that doesn’t necessarily imply they’re inactive. Ragdolls are quick learners, and they’ll enjoy getting shown new tricks if you throw in some food as a reward.

Smart cats, right? Ragdolls aren’t very loud. Their quiet little voice will serve as a gentle reminder that it’s time for a meal or some cuddles. They’re happy to live alongside other dogs and cats, thanks to their friendly personality.

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#5: The Maine Coon

These good-nurtured, likable cats are highly adaptable and can coexist with many different personalities. They’re delighted to receive people’s attention.

Maine Coon cat with yellow eyes One of the Most Popular Cat Breeds in Australia
Maine Coon

However, even if you don’t have much time, they’re satisfied with just being near you. Cute, right? Maine Coons are gorgeous animals known as the “dogs of the cat world.” So it’s not unusual to find dogs getting along super well with Maine Coons!

#6: The Japanese Bobtail

Perhaps the most recognizable feature of Japanese Bobtail cats is their rabbit-like tail that’s very short and kinked or curved. And They’re so fun to watch! Although Japanese Bobtails aren’t as well-known, they’re very playful and smart.

Blue eyed Female Japanese Bobtail
Blue eyed Female Japanese Bobtail

She’s excellent at learning new tricks, yet a real cuddle bug if you’re sitting and waiting for her to jump into your lap.

One thing the Japanese Bobtail will surely impress you with is the size of its feline vocabulary. While they’re not that loud, they certainly have a lot to say and a wide variety of tones to say it in.

How do they handle kids, dogs, and other animals?

These cats are not only a great choice if you have other animals; they’re excellent for families with children due to their shared energy levels. In any case, Japanese Bobtails are sure to provide you with a more exciting and dynamic lifestyle.

#7: The Bombay Cat

Bombay cats are playful, fun-loving, and gentle. Families love them since they tend to get along well with children. They also seem to like dogs and other cats.

We could even say that “politeness above all” is their motto.

Do Bombay cats require a lot of attention?

Bombay Cat
Bombay Cat

These cats are so polite that not even strangers and new people will scare them away. However, seeing as they’re so friendly, they do require a lot of attention. Bombays are smart cats that love having a good time and will feel best with a family prepared to: teach them tricks, play games with them, provide them with a lot of interactive toys.

Their outgoing personality is precisely the reason why they love the company of other animals, especially dogs.

#8: The Birman

The Birman is a curious and intelligent cat that loves being around people. They can adapt to all kinds of environments, though they only get active if they feel like it. Birmans get along well with children, dogs, other pets. They even prefer the company of other animals.

Sacred Birman
Sacred Birman

Although Sacred Birmans are beautiful, believe it or not, they don’t need a lot of grooming. And while they’re quiet cats, that doesn’t mean they’re shy. In fact, despite their gentle nature, Birmans are well-known for their fun-loving personalities. Not only will they enjoy playing with their human families, but they’ll love running around with dogs as well!

#9: The American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are very popular with families since they get along swimmingly with children. And while they make for quiet cats, they’re also gently playful, even when they grow older. Though some of them are lap cats, the majority nonetheless prefer having a degree of independence and don’t require much attention.

Like most cats, American Shorthairs are extremely: curious, intelligent. American Shorthairs enjoy playing with dogs once they’ve established some boundaries. Their friendly and composed attitude makes them one of the best choices if you’re also a dog owner. Loving their families is in their nature, including other pets such as dogs. 

#10: The Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats seem to live their lives to the fullest. Why? Abyssinians: climb high, jump far, love to play.

If you’re thinking of adding an Abyssinian cat to your family, you’ll need a lot of toys to keep her occupied! They’re friendly cats that get along well with just about any other breed. Active and playful, they can entertain and interact with people, but also dogs.

Abyssinian Cat
abyssinian cat

What if you don’t have much time for them?

It’s not a huge problem. Abyssinians love other animals just as much as they do people. They’ll appreciate having a friend who shares the same level of energy.

Although they understand cats very well, they still seem to prefer dogs since dogs can keep up with their energetic lifestyle. So, although most cats can acclimate to dogs, certain breeds are much more adaptable in this sense than others.

We hope we’ve helped you at least a little bit if you own a dog and have never been sure which cat breed to welcome into your family.

Of course, keep in mind that you’ll have much more success with puppies and kittens than trying to make fully grown cats and dogs get along.

Do you own a dog-loving cat? Do you have any tips for making dogs and cats get along? If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below in the comment section! If you enjoyed the article about cats that are good with dogs, please share it with your friends on social media.

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Most Friendly Cats That Are Good With Dogs
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